Writerbay all Questions And Answers 2024

Writerbay All Questions Answers

Writerbay is a favorite website for money-making where freelance Writers can take on writing jobs to earn extra income. In this article, I will show Writerbay all Questions And Answers of Step 1 (Academic Writing Tutorial and Quiz), Step 2 (Writing Prompt), Step 3 (Essay Writing), Step 4 -Work Sample Submitting (Optional), Step 5 (CV Upload) and Setp 6 (Degree Certificate Upload) and final submitting.

In the beginning, you will see the application steps. First, you need to apply to work on the site. For that, you have to press the ‘Start’ button.

Then, you will be presented with important information before participating in the quiz. Based on this, there will be questions.

Writerbay Questions and Answers 2024

Then, you must go to the “Congratulations” Quiz page by pressing the ‘Next’ button.


Then Click on the ‘Start a quiz’ button.

Then you have to answer 3 questions. I presented it with the correct answer below.

Table of Contents

Writerbay all Questions And Answers

Step 1(Academic Writing Tutorial and Quiz)

1. Choose the option that comprises the main attributes of the academic writing style

Ans: Well-sourced, clear and precise, formal and unbiased, clear and consistent.

Writerbay all Questions And Answers 2024

2. Select the option with the correct order of the academic writing process

Ans: Analyze the topic/ question, Think(Brainstorm), Research, Discover your thesis, Plan (outline), Write, Revise, and Proofread

Writerbay all Questions And Answers 2024

3. What is the most important part of each academic essay?

Ans: Thesis Statement

3. What is the most important part of each academic essay? Ans: Thesis Statement

After answering the above three questions, we should be ready to answer the second step question. Questions that will be about Plagiarism. Let’s go to answering the questions quickly and without delay.

Writerbay all questions answer

1. What cannot be considered as plagiarism?

Ans: Direct quote, put in quotation marks and followed by the author’s name.

Writerbay Questions Answers

2. Imagine you have been assigned to an order on a History subject with a World War II topic. You need to indicate the timeframe of the war. Will you cite this information?

Ans: What for? Everybody knows it’s 1939-1945

writerbay Questions answers

3. Proper paraphrasing means:

Ans: You have borrowed someone else’s ideas but interpreted them in your own words and cited the original source.

Writer bay all questions answer

4. If a researcher finds synonyms for the author’s language while keeping to the same general structure and meaning of the original. What type of plagiarism is it?

Ans: Mosaic Plagiarism

Writerbay questions answer

5. If you are the author of the writing, how can you use this piece in your further research?

Ans: You can use this piece in your future writing if you properly cite the author (yourself)

Writerbay all questions answer

After All questions answered, you will get the Bravo Sign for the correct answer.


Then, we have to answer 5 questions related to formatting.


1. What is the formatting style?

Ans: A standardized approach to creating an academic paper.

Writerbay All Questions Answer

2. Select the option with the parts/characteristics of the APA formatting style.

Ans: References page, title page, in-text citations

Writerbay All Questions Answer

3. MLA requires the first page of your paper to be:

Ans: Double-spaced with a heading in the left corner with your name, professor’s name, the course, and the date.

Writerbay All Questions Answer

4. In MLA documentation, how should the following parenthetical reference appear?

Ans: (Barrett 17)

Writerbay All Questions Answer

5. In MLA, the references at the end of your paper should appear:

Ans: In alphabetical order by author’s last name, regardless of the reference type.

Writerbay All Questions Answer

After answering the above 5 questions correctly, we will be notified Brilliant.

Writerbay All questions with answers-Brilliant

Then we again have to answer 4 questions about ‘CORE PRINCIPLES’.

Core Principles

1. What is NOT the core principle of our company:

Ans: Deadline extension

Writerbay All questions with answers

2. In which case can you share your personal information/ ask for the client’s personal information?

Ans: You cannot share/ ask for any personal details unless the order requires such information.

Writerbay All questions with answers

3. Which of the following is an appropriate way to name the final file you upload to the system?

Ans: Order ID-Topic of the project

Writerbay All questions with answers

4. Imagine that while working on the project, you need to use a specific textbook, but you do not have access to it. What would you do?

Ans: Contact the client for help

Writerbay All questions with answers

Answering the above 4 questions correctly will tell us Amazing!

Answering the above 4 questions correctly will tell us Amazing !

Step 2( Writing Prompt)

After answering the questions of the first step, we have to go through the next step 2, ‘Writing Prompt’.

In that case, we have to choose a topic from two topics and submit a paragraph of 100-150 words.

Writerbay Writing Prompt

You can search and collect the paragraph on Google and submit it using any site by Spin. For that, you can use the https://quillbot.com website.

Step 3(Essay Writing)

In Step 3, we must choose a topic from two topics and submit an Essay of 275-350 words.

Writerbay Step-3 Essay Writing

We can write the essay using Chatgpt. After writing, I will try to change it or spin it in my way.

An essential piece of information is that after writing the essay, we have to go to MS Word and write this essay in MLA format. Which I have shown below through the picture.

Writerbay Essay Writing with MLA Format


Step 4 (Work Sample Submitting)

In step 4, we have to submit the work sample in doc/docs/pdf format if we have done any work on writing before. But it is optional for us. But it will be better for us if you can submit it.

Step 5(CV Upload)

In step 5, we must upload and submit our CV in doc/docx/pdf format. (No more than 3 files and 50MB). 

Step 6 (Degree Certificate Upload)

In step 6, we must upload and submit our highest qualification degree certificate in jpg/jpeg format. (No more than 3 files and 50MB).


After submitting all quizzes, questions, paragraphs, essays, and required documents, Writerbay authorities will send a Response Email to us. I have presented it below for you. 

Writerbay Application Response Email

We may have to wait 14 days to know if the application has been accepted. Writerbay authorities will inform us usually within 7-10 days.

This concludes the application process to work at Writerbay. Best wishes to you. Thank you very much for reading the article.