What is the crime of getting married, the question of DU students

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A section of students have demanded an end to the rule of cancellation of seats in the dormitory hall of married students at Dhaka University. They said that it is the right of the legitimate students of Dhaka University to get a seat.

At a press conference held at the Dhaka University Journalists’ Association office on Friday afternoon, students of different halls demanded four points including the end of the rule. They also raised the question of whether it is a crime for students to get married.

At the press conference, former VP of Parliament Sheikh Tasneem Afroz read out a written statement on behalf of the students of the five halls. It is said, is it a crime to be married? We have no rationale or reason to be with or without married status. If a student is married or unmarried, then why the seats will be allotted, where he gets a valid seat according to merit? The right of legitimate students of Dhaka University to get a seat. If it is a crime for a married student to stay in the hall, then the resident teachers and principals of the hall must also be unmarried, if married they cannot stay in the quarters. Can’t their husband take responsibility? ‘



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