What is Computer, Microcomputer, Classification and Parts of Computer

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What is Computer

What is Computer? 

The computer is a modern Electronics Device that can work swiftly. The word “Computer” came from the Greek word “Compute”. The meaning of ‘compute’ is to count. Actually, the Computer is a counting machine. But the computer does not count only. It can make decisions logically. Thus computer is a machine so it has no thinking power. That is why it cannot work without our instructions.

What is Microcomputer? 

The computer that makes with one Microprocessor is called a Microcomputer. Another name of Microcomputer is Personal computer or PC). One man can use one computer at a time. Thus its size is small and its price is cheap so we use it for personal, business, office, entertainment and so on. Example of Microcomputer_ IBM PC, Macintosh, etc.

===Classification of computers===

According to using purpose, there are two types of computer.

  1. General Purpose computer
  2. Special Purpose computer

According to Internal structure, working method & display data there are three types of computer.

  1. Analog Computer
  2. Digital computer
  3. Hybrid Computer

According to size, speed, storing capacity, accuracy, efficiency, etc there are four types of computer.

  1. Supercomputer 
  2. Mainframe computer 
  3. Minicomputer 
  4. Microcomputer or personal computer.

Describe the main parts of a microcomputer-

The computer is a vast system. It consists of many electronic components. There are electromagnetic, electro-mechanical components also. These components are called the Hardware of a computer. A modern computer consists of mainly 5(five) units.

  1. Main memory.
  2. Arithmetic & Logical Unit (ALU)
  3. Input Device
  4. Output Device
  5. Control unit

Diagram of Personal Computer

Describe the main unit of a digital computer.

A modern computer has the following unit-

  1. Monitor (like a TV)
  2.  Keyboard
  3.  System unit
  4.  Mouse

A system unit has the following unit-

  1. Motherboard 
  2. Varieties types of electronic card 
  3. Floppy disk drive 
  4. Hard disk drive 
  5. Connecting wire
  6. Power supply unit 

A motherboard consists of the following parts-

  1. Processor 
  2. Math-coprocessor 
  3. RAM 
  4. ROM 
  5. Recharge battery 
  6. Varieties types of slots 
  7. Varieties types of connector 
  8. Varieties types of ports etc. 
  9. DVD_Digital Versatile (Video) Disk


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