What is Cloud Computing? Definition, Types , Advantages and Disadvantages

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Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is basically an Internet-based service called cloud computing. At present, the demand of computer users for computing is increasing day by day. Cloud computing is playing an unimaginable role in meeting this demand. Cloud computing is the technology that easily provides more powerful online computing services in a short period of time. In this system, the customer uses different services such as software, different types of storage, computer server, etc. through the internet. The main purpose of cloud computing is to hire hardware from an internet service provider instead of your own computer hardware. Cloud computing is a computer and data storage system that is easy to rent, convenient for the customer, on-demand, and according to usage.

Types of Cloud Computing:

There are several types of cloud computing:
1. Public cloud computing
2. Private cloud computing
3. Quantity cloud computing
4. Hybrid cloud computing.

Public cloud is cloud computing that can be used at a low cost by renting a server through the internet. Is called. For example, any Google service can be rented and the service is available through the internet. If an organization uses a cloud-only for their own use, it is called Private Cloud. In this case, another company is doing cloud maintenance work. Cloud computing is very important nowadays. Because there are many organizations that can’t afford to buy the number of resources needed to run the business, then that organization can rent that amount of resources at a very low cost with the help of cloud computing. In addition, its role in the field of medicine and communication is immense. In recent times, cloud computing has created a stir in the computer world. Here the word cloud is used as a metaphor for the Internet. Just as the clouds are scattered all over the sky, so the Internet is spread all over the world in a web.

Advantages of Cloud Computing-

Due to the many benefits of cloud computing, it has now started a new revolution in the computer world. The advantages of cloud computing are as follows:

1. Can be used all the time as per requirement.
2. Pay a fee on user usage.
3. Faster and more powerful.
4. Data can be exchanged quickly in a short time.
5. It costs less to buy equivalent resources.
6. Resources can be increased or decreased at any time as required.
7. Software and hardware maintenance is not required.
8. There are many types of software and hardware sharing opportunities.
9. Use of virtual technology.
10. Resources can be shared from anywhere in the world.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing-

For example:
1. Security is relatively low.
2. Skilled manpower required.
3. You have to pay the prescribed fee after the prescribed time.

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