NASA's Viking I Mission: First Spacecraft To Land On Mars

NASA's Viking I Mission: A Look Back At The First Spacecraft To Land On Mars 46 Years Ago


NASA's journey to find life on Mars is many years old as the office made its most memorable endeavor to show up on the red planet with the Mariner 4 mission in 1964.


It was in 1971 when the primary satellite was introduced in the Martian circle, be that as it may


NASA made its most memorable arriving on Mars with the Viking I mission on July 20, 1976.


On August 21, NASA commended the 46th commemoration of the mission's send off which cleared way for the score of five meanderers in the years to come.


Viking I was the primary mission of the Viking Project which comprised of two huge orbiters, each weighing 2,325 kilograms


While Viking 1 took off on August 21, 1975, Viking 2 was sent off three weeks after the fact on September 9, 1975.


Almost a year after its send off, the Viking I lander arrived on July 20, 1976


on the western slant of Chryse Planitia of Mars though the Viking 2 lander settled down at Utopia Planitia on September 3, 1976.


Following their score, every one of these landers led three science tests intended to search for potential indications of something going on under the surface.


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