Facebook is creating a customer-service group

Facebook parent company Meta Platforms Inc is creating a customer-service department to help users of the social network.

The effort is in its early stages, and has assumed a high priority for feedback.

In 2020 the company established a body to review certain decisions on questionable or problematic content.

The board has received more than a million complaints from users, many of which are related to account support.

The company will deal with the problems of all customers whose accounts have been removed by Meta User.

Authorities did not provide details on how the group or the organization will contact users.

Facebook's heavy reliance on artificial intelligence sometimes leads the company to mistakenly automatically remove users' accounts or posts with little explanation.

Both standard users and small company promoters frequently whine that there is basically no response for a locked, suspended or hacked account.

The company offers automated tools to try to recover an account, but it's difficult to get in touch with a person who actually works.

Users sometimes message employees or journalists directly for help instead.

The Oversight Board has made more than 100 formal recommendations to Meta since its inception, including proposed policy changes.

The established group will handle all the problem-solving activities of the users.

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