Dragonflight Diablo 4 Event: Hunt Treasure Goblins

World of Warcraft and Diablo IV have crossed over with a new event called Dragonflight's Diablo IV crossover.


The event, called the Greedy Emissary, is running from now until June 14 in WoW's capital cities and Dragonflight zones.


Players are hunting down Diablo-themed treasure goblins to earn rewards, including a Diablo-themed mount.


The event offers familiar items from the Diablo franchise, such as Wirt's Leg, Tome of Town portal toy, and a demonic goat pet named Baa'lial.


Additional rewards include a Treasure Nabbin' Bag back cosmetic, a hood and cloak ensemble, and the iconic Tyrael's Charger mount.


Tyrael's Charger was originally offered in 2011 as part of a WoW annual pass promotion and later added to the in-game shop.


The event's conclusion will be followed by a 50% experience buff in WoW.


Diablo IV's early access release is on June 2 for Deluxe and Ultimate edition preorders, and June 6 for others.


Blizzard has detailed accessibility options for Diablo IV, and crossover events will continue in Diablo Immortal, a mobile spin-off.


WoW's next update will feature a mega-dungeon showcasing the fall of Galakrond, the biggest dragon in Warcraft history,


and introduce a new DPS specialization for Evokers focused on providing buffs to teammates.


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