How to Make Successful Facebook Page

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How to Make Facebook Page

Hello Guys, We will share how to make a successful Facebook page in the post.

Currently, due to the increase in online-based businesses, the youth of the country are considering Facebook as one of the business promotion and buying, and selling platforms. In this case, millions of people are buying and selling products or campaigning by opening pages on Facebook. Like e-commerce, we can also name it f-commerce.

Millions of youth in Bangladesh and all over the world are eliminating their unemployment by opening Facebook pages. About 300,000 entrepreneurs, half of whom are women, are doing business based on Facebook pages in Bangladesh. There are some effective strategies to increase your exposure, business promotion, and product sales by opening a Facebook page. Today’s presentation about them.

What is a Facebook-based business?

Buying and selling any product or service online is called e-commerce. Buying and selling a product or service to people through Facebook is called f-commerce. To be successful in Facebook business, you need to add mass buyers or users to your page. Customer-oriented content or video or image or writing plan, marketing strategy should be fixed.

How to run a Facebook page successfully –

The first step to success with Facebook is to create an attractive page. For that, we need to create a professional business or service page by selecting the right category or category. Name the page short and catchy in line with the service or product. No one has used this name before. The name of the page will be known as the brand name. If the name is unique, our unique page will show at the top when someone searches.

Create a beautiful, attractive logo and cover photo for the page. If you can’t make it yourself, you have to make it with a graphic designer. And all the information on the page must be correct. No fake information can be given.

Along with creating a Facebook page, the proper optimization of the page should be done so that everyone can easily find our page in search engines and customers will know about our services or business.

Things to include on the page —

  • Giving the username of the page book page
  • Address of business establishment
  • We will enter the address of our business in the address option and locate it on the map.
  • Give the Best description for the Facebook page; Provide brief information about the business in the About section. A hashtag or two would also be good.
  • We will give the phone number for the customer to know about our business or service in case of need and also mention the time when to call.
  • Associating WhatsApp number with page.
  • Adding an e-mail address. So that anyone can send e-mails if they want.
  • Defining categories of services or products.
  • Specifying the workday schedule.

Planning and strategy

If you want to be successful through a Facebook page, you have to follow a specific plan and strategy. The page should go viral.

How to increase page likes and followers fast?

  • ‘Invite’ your friends and others on Facebook to like the page. A maximum of 100 people should be invited per day. If you invite more than this, the Facebook company may count it as spam.
  • Boasting can also be done by spending money to increase likes. It quickly increases page recognition, likes, and followers.
  • Publish content or posts related to your business products or services daily. It is better not to use copy content. It is not right to publish the same text again and again. Include interesting images or videos while posting.
  • Live or promotion through a star or influencer for quick exposure of the page is also very fruitful for the page.
  • Facebook page likes and followers can be increased by being active in various groups or communities related to your business or product.
  • Page likes or followers can also be increased by organizing quiz competitions or by organizing prizes on special days or occasions.

What kind of post we should publish?

● Creating attractive images
● Sharing website address/images on Facebook
● Creating videos
● Facebook Live

Determining Marketing Strategy-

To be successful in a Facebook page-based business you need to create a marketing strategy targeting your potential buyers or customers.

1.  Marketing Goal Setup:

Define Facebook Promotion and Marketing goals. Because the beginning step in any marketing strategy is to set the perfect goals.

2. Audience Analysis:

Identify who is visiting your Facebook page. The next step is to find out who your target audience is. After knowing where they live, how old they are, and whether they are male or female, the behavior of these audiences, we need to create content for these audiences.

3. Paid Advertisement:

If you want to quickly reach customers who are interested in your business, product, or service, you should advertise on Facebook. For advertising or promotion, you can set the objectives, budget, potential buyers, timing, etc., and run the paid campaign. It should always be monitored whether the campaign is being done properly or not.

4. Campaign Type Selection:

A campaign can be created for a number of purposes. These are – increasing brand awareness, engagement, likes, comments, shares, sales, services, etc.

5. Content Variations:

Create different types of content. Create images, videos, Motion Ads, Facebook reel videos, Facebook live, and infographic content for potential buyers. The page should always be updated.

6. Schedule Post

It is best to post when most of Page’s followers are active. Facebook Page Analysis (Analysis) See what time of day or night your page users are active. Publishing content at the right time will yield better results. You can take advantage of Facebook’s schedule post feature to post at the right time.

7. Post Regularly:

When you post regularly, it will generate likes, comments, messages, and questions about your products. Respond to users’ comments during that time. Contact with users.

8. Competitor Page Analysis:

Analyzing competitor pages on Facebook is very important. This analysis can be done with Facebook’s ‘Ads Library tools.

9. Result Analysis:

The last step in the Facebook marketing strategy is to track and analyze the results. Here how many Facebook posts are reaching (reach), how much engagement is on the page, how the message is coming – how much all this is helping to achieve the goal, you have to see. And these data should be analyzed to find out where development is needed. You can use Meta Business Suite and Page Insight tools for this.

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