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Gmail Account Create

Nowadays every person must have a Google account. We can easily create a Google account by following some steps. We have shared here How to Sign Up Google Email Account.

What is meant by Google Accounts?

A Google-wide username and password that can be used to access various Google services and products, including Google Ads, Slides, Business, Docs, Sheets, Classroom, Keyword Planner, Google Adsense, Books, Google One, Meet, Chat, Drive, etc. Your Google Account also contains important information that applies across google products and services, such as your preferred language and some privacy settings.

What is a Google Account example?

The Google Accounts sign-in includes An email address: This is typical of the form or For example, Liza signs into Google Analytics using as her email address.

Is a Google Account free?
Anyone can sign up for a free Google Account and use it to access and edit Google Ads, Slides, Business, Docs, Sheets, Classroom, Keyword Planner, Google Adsense, Books, Google One, Meet, Chat, Drive, etc, and more.

Google Account Requirements-

Google is now completely intertwined with our lives. In this era of modern science, we cannot imagine our life without the services of Google.

After opening an account with Google, you will be given a Gmail address. You can send emails or messages to anyone using that address. Moreover, using this Gmail account or Google account, you can later open an account on any other website or mobile application and get the necessary services.
After opening a new Google account you will be given an address. For example you can mail from this address to any other Gmail address for free.

So Gmail account is required for communication. When it comes to YouTube, it becomes necessary for us to know how to open a Google account. Because we cannot imagine a day without YouTube. From entertainment to education, business, and everything, YouTube has occupied a place among us. So, if you think you will watch videos on YouTube or make videos yourself and upload them to YouTube, then you need to open a Google account.

In our daily life, we need many types of apps on our mobiles or we have to take the help of Google Play Store to download games for kids. To download any game or app on mobile from Google Play Store, you need to open a Google account. Otherwise, you will not be able to download any app or game from the play store on your mobile.

Google Drive is a type of online memory card where everything can be stored including images, audio, and videos. Where we have to spend 500 rupees to buy a 4GB memory card, Google is giving us a 15GB virtual memory card free. With Google Drive, you can keep any kind of stuff up to 15GB of space. And for this, you need to open a Google account. Moreover, Google has many other services that must be opened to use a Google account. Examples: Google Maps, Google Meet, Google News, Google Translate, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Blogger, Google Ads, AdSense, and many more. To use all these services, you need to create a Google account.

If you want to create a new account on an e-commerce website or any other website, then a Google account may be required. For example, if you want to create a new account on the famous e-commerce company amazon, then you can do it very easily with the help of a Google account. Moreover, if you want to open an online marketplace fiber account, you can do it with the help of a Google account with one click.

A Google Account gives you access to various Google products and services. With a Google Account, you can do things like:

Send and receive email using Gmail Account
Find your new favorite video on YouTube
Download apps from Google Play Store
You can run Google ads on Google Adwords
You can apply for Google Adsense for Making Money by blogging.
You can access google drive and more

How to Create Your Google Accounts

Creating a Google Account is very easy. Anyone who wants to can create a Google account from anywhere in the world using any ICT device using the Internet.

What is required to open a Google account?

Various personal information is required while opening a Google account. For example name, gender, date of birth, etc. Also, a mobile number is asked while opening a Google account for verification purposes. If we ever forget the Google account password, we can use that mobile number to recover the account. Another thing to remember, you need to have a smartphone or computer to open a Google account. And of course, an internet connection is required. If you have these 2 things, you can use various Google services by opening an account.

The way to open Google account on mobile and computer is very easy. But, you need to know some rules. And, the rules for opening a Google account and Gmail account are the same. That is, creating a Google account means creating a Gmail or email account. So let us know the rules for creating a new account.

But many people don’t know how to create a new Google account. So, in today’s article, I will show you the complete rules for opening your Google account.

Let’s see – How to create your google account.

To open a Google account or a Gmail account, you must first decide what type of account you want to open. Generally, 2 types of Gmail accounts can be opened in Google. That is, you can create your personal account or create a Google account for your business.

I always recommend creating a personal Gmail account. Because, if you create a business account, you can use only a few Google services such as Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, Groups, and Video. You will not be able to enjoy the rest of the services. Then you need to open a Google or Gmail account with some information (such as name, username, and password).

The procedure for opening a new Google account is shown below step by step. Follow the complete steps to create a new account properly.

First, you need to open a browser. In this case, if you have a Chrome browser installed on your computer, then enter it. Then enter the Create your Google Account page. You can enter by clicking this link. Moreover, you can go to and click on Sign-in and then click on create a new account to enter. Then you need to provide a name, username, and password to create your new Google account. For example, the Available Username must be given here. That is, provide a username that has never been used before.

Create Gmail Account

As you can see in the above image, the Gmail address is already taken. So you can’t take it. And below you have suggested another username you can take it if you want. Or you can try to take something else as you like.

Create Gmail Account

In the third step, you have to provide a mobile number. Then enter your date of birth and whether you are male or female and click Next. If you are male then give Male and if the female gives Female. As soon as you click on Next, a message will appear on the mobile number you have given. And that message will have a PIN of 6 digits. You have to enter this 6-digit PIN on the next page. Your new Google account has been created. Now a page of Google Policy and Terms will be shown to you. You just need to click on Agree. Clicking on Agree means that you agree with Google’s rules and regulations.

Google account Create

According to the above rules, you can create a Google account through both mobile and computer. But there is another rule to opening a Google account through mobile. For this, you don’t need to install any browser. Know more: To open a Gmail account you need to have the Gmail app downloaded on your mobile. So you can run the Gmail app with a Google account. Gmail is a mail service of Google. So, knowing the rules of opening a Google account will master the rules of opening your Gmail account. So, if you want to send an email using a Gmail account, the first master creates a new Google account.

Gmail Account Create

I hope you already know the rules for opening a Google account. If you face any problems while creating a new account, feel free to comment and let me know. InshAllah, I will reply to your comment within 2-1 hours. And if there are more questions about the rules for opening a Gmail account, then I will say that a Gmail account and a Google account are the same.

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