Fiverr Affiliate Program Review: Make $3000 Per Month

Do you want to Make $3000 Per Month online as an affiliate marketer? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then this post is for you. I am simply highlighting here Fiverr Affiliate Program Review.

Easily promote Freelance Services in the world’s largest online marketplace. Earn more money by sending more traffic.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a popular marketplace where different types of services are bought and sold. One of the most popular sources of online income in the world. You can sell your own services in the marketplace; you can buy the service of another person. With the same account, you can be involved in two types of work.

Fiverr Sellers present their service as a Gig. There are three common types of Gigs. Such as Standard package, Advanced package & Premium Package Rate. Each package has a different gig price. The price varies according to the service.

Affiliate Commission income is also available in the Marketplace. Anyone can easily earn a commission by promoting the services of the marketplace. Basically, today I will present to you the Fiverr Affiliate Program Review.

fiverr affiliate commission rate
Do you want to earn $3000 per month online as an affiliate marketer? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then this post is for you. I am simply highlighting here Fiverr Affiliate Program Review.

How to Join as an Affiliate? How to use Fiverr affiliate?

It is very easy to join Fiverr and how much does Fiverr affiliate pay as an Affiliate Partner. For that, we have to sign up in Fiver Affiliate Program first. All you need to do to sign up is Account Type, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password, Country, Phone number, etc. After completing all these information boxes, we have to click on the `Next ‘button and finish the next tasks. After Successfully Account Create, Fiverr welcomes us via email and sends us the necessary consultation emails so that we can earn more. I hope you have gotten a full idea of how to sign up for the Fiverr affiliate program.

After successfully creating an account, we must first read Fiverr Affiliate Terms and Conditions Page carefully. Then we need to log in to our Affiliate Account and get acquainted with the various options of the Dashboard.

Marketing Tools:

Marketing Tools at the Beginning of the Dashboard. It includes All Marketing Tools, Private Marketing Tools, Default and Deep Links, Gig Ads widgets, Search Box Widgets, etc.

We need to use the most Marketing Tools. Through this we can create our website or content-related banner using Filter Creatives and collect its code. Then we have to place the collected code on our website. If you visit any visitor on Fiverr through that banner and buy or sell any service, our commission will be credited to our account.


From Fiverr’s Reposts option, we can easily know the progress of our daily work.

For example, how many Impressions, Clicks, Registrations, FTB, commissions, etc. can be known through our campaign on any day or any date.c


We can withdraw our earned commissions from the Payment option. But in order to withdraw, we have to reach $100. When $ 100 is completed, we can withdraw money through a bank or Visa Card.

Earnings Report:

With the Earnings Report Option, we can see the amount of our income as per the date and also know how much commission income has been earned.


Like Facebook, We can set up Pixels here through this option.

Fiverr Affiliate Commission Rate:

Currently, Fiverr has six types of Commission Plans. Such as the Unified Sub-Affiliate Plan, AndCo Rev Share Plan, Fiverr Business Plan, Fiverr CPA, Fiverr Hybrid, and Fiverr Learn Plan. We can earn up to 10% -30% commission from Fiverr. See the following images to get an idea of how much Fiverr affiliates pay and the Fiverr Affiliate Commission Rate.
Fiverr Affiliate Commission Rate


Sub-affiliate refers to when an affiliate marketer joins another marketer Fiverr affiliate under him. In this way, if we can get someone to join, we will be able to earn a 10% commission.

We will be able to know the progress of our work by date from the Sub Affiliates option.

Account Details:

From the Account Details option, we will be able to see the personal information provided by us and if necessary, we can also edit.

Affiliate User Guide:

Uses the Fiverr User Guide option to provide necessary affiliate tips. If we follow the Affiliate User Guide properly, we will be able to achieve quick success and earn more money.

Affiliate Store:

We can increase our income many times by using Affiliate Stores and promoting various services related to Web & Blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

How to promote Fiverr Affiliate:

The best way to promote the Fiverr Affiliate Program is through blogging. If you have a blog, you can post articles about various Fiverr Services, Courses, and Software. Then you can earn more by SEO Optimization of your website and drive more traffic and social media marketing. Blogging is the best way to promote Fiverr Affiliate.

Create Review Content:

You can create review content and video content related to all the services that Fiverr has. For example- “Top 10 web developer list in the World” & “Top 10 SEO Expert List in the World”. You can post content on your blog with such titles. You will attach your affiliate gender to the list. If any visitor needs any service, you will get the job done through the best person you provide and you will generate commission.
Fiverr Affiliate Promotion by blogging

Placing Fiverr Affiliate’s Banner:

You can add different-sized banners of Fiverr to your blog. Especially between the Header, Widget, and Footer. A visitor can actually click on an interesting banner on your website and if he/she buys a service, you will have an income.
Fiverr Affiliate Banner Placing

How to promote Fiverr affiliates through Facebook and Other Social Networks:

Facebook is currently the best social share network in the world. You need to create a plan first to promote the Fiverr Affiliate.

A list needs to be made in light of the Category of Fiverr Services. And you have to put your affiliate link in that list. Then you need to be added to different groups related to the Fiverr service and increase your campaign there. One problem that can arise in this case is that your post is not approved by the group admin. In that case, you need to contact the admin of the group and express interest in having a long-term financial transaction between the admin and you in the future. There is no doubt that he will approve your post.

Comment Share:

We can market the Fiverr affiliate link through comments. Suppose a person who posts on a social share network needs a skilled web designer. In the comments on the post, we can add affiliate links related to the work. This way you can easily earn.

You can promote not only Facebook but also other popular social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit & question site Quora.

Then join Fiverr Affiliate Program today without delay.

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