Conversion of Decimal to Binary System

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Conversion of Decimal to Binary System: To convert a decimal whole number to a binary number, the decimal number must first be divided by two (since the basis of the binary number is 2), until the quotient is zero. Quotient 0 (zero) is actually the end of the division. Binary numbers are the numbers that can be found by writing the order of numbers from the last fraction (MSB to LSB). And in the case of fractions, each number has to be multiplied by 2 until the product is zero. Integers must be left in hand. You don’t even have to multiply this fraction by the same number twice. Binary numbers are the values ​​that can be found by sorting the first integers (LSB to MSB) (which are handheld).
Such That- Least Significant Bit (LSB).

Example-1: Converting  (11)10 to a binary number-
Conversion of Decimal To Binary System

So, (11)10 = (1011)2

Example-2: Converting  (25)10 to a binary number-

Decimal to Binary System

Therefore, (25)10 = (11001)2

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