Churches are preparing for the last-minute Christmas celebrations

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Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, was born on this day. Jesus was born on earth to guide mankind to the path of truth and justice and to proclaim the glory of God. On the occasion of his birth, like all over the world, the Christians of Bangladesh also celebrate the day with religious observances, prayers and rejoicing.

Last year, due to the global corona infection situation, the festival was celebrated in a very casual manner. However, this time the glamor of Christmas has increased a bit. However, religious leaders of the Christian community have said that they have been instructed to follow the rules of hygiene in performing religious rites.

Meanwhile, visiting the Mohammadpur church area in the morning, one can see the inside and outside of the church decorated with various colored balloons, designed cockshits, colored paper, lace and flowers. The artificial ‘Christmas tree’ is decorated with colorful ornaments. Colorful lamps have been hung on the trees in the church premises.



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