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BKSP Admission 2022 : (Admission Notification 2022 in Bangladesh Sports Education Institution Bangladesh Sports Education Institute (BKSP) officially started its journey on 14 April 1985 at Jirani, Savar, Dhaka with 115 acres of land. The sole objective of Bangladesh Sports Education Institute is to create world class athletes for the country. Not only in sports, BKSP as well as studying here is equally important. Bangladesh Sports Education Institute Admission Notification 2022 has been published in this post BKSP admission process, how to get admitted in BKSP, all the information about admission in BKSP has been discussed.

Admission Notification 2022 in Bangladesh Sports Education Institution

Admission notification for sports education institution 2022 : Bangladesh Institute of Sports Education (BKSPTo create national and international standard players by providing long term science based training in the field of sports including general education to the sportspersons. In the 2022 academic year Regular trainee Admission Will be done.

Admission to BKSP 2022

Admission to BKSP 2022 Accordingly, the preliminary selection test will be held on the following days, dates and places from 09.00 am to 4.00 pm. Admission form for BKSP has to be filled online.

BKSP admission application fee: On the day of preliminary selection, the trainee has to participate in the examination by depositing the printed copy of the registration form filled online and the examination fee of Rs. 200 / – (two hundred) in cash at the examination center. Medical and physical fitness tests will be taken during the preliminary selection. On the day of the primary election, everyone has to bring their own sports equipment and clothes to participate in the practical test according to their own game. A candidate can take the exam in multiple sports sections by filling up a separate form online (with birth registration number).

BKSP Admission 2022: Date, Time, Apply Form – Official News

BKSP Admission Notification Final Selection: A final training camp of 07 (seven) days will be organized with the initially selected trainees, the results of which will be published on BKSP’s website. The trainee should bring 02 (two) copies of color photo (passport size), attested copy of birth registration, PEC, JSC / JDC certificate on the day of camping.

Other information on admission to BKSP : If the certificate is proved to be false, his admission will be considered void. Practical tests of self-contained sports department will be taken in the training camp. The written test (Bangla, English and Mathematics) will be taken according to the syllabus of the previous class for which the candidate has been initially selected for admission. In order to prove the age at the time of taking practical and final medical examination related to sports science, the trainee will have to undergo bone test.

BKSP Admission Notification 2022

A candidate can only register once in a sports department. Candidates who register more than once in the same avoidance section will be deemed ineligible for admission. The BKSP reserves the right to change the date and time of the admission process for special reasons.

Application for admission in BKSP : How to apply online All admission trainees should visit this website before the scheduled date of admission test www.bksp.gov.bd Student Fill Online Registration Form Submit this online application form.

Many people search on Google search engine and want to know how much does it cost to be admitted in BKSP: Remember that trainees are admitted in BKSP on the basis of merit. It is a punishable offense to engage in any form of illegal transaction in any matter relating to admission.

BKSP Admission 2022 Form Apply Online

bksp admission 2022: Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan Admission To find out the names of the minimum height of the game, age, date, bar and test centers based on the schedule of the primary election. Enter here.

Contact: (9.00 am to 5.00 pm) 01711374 747, 017111052202, 01720311996, 01713248040 E-mail: bksp1983@yahoo.com Website: www.bksp.gov.bd

Admission notification for BKSP 2022

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