Admission is Going on CPSC | Central Public School and College

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Admission is Going on CPSC

Admission is Going on CPSC / Central Public School and College-2023. The school and College is committed to the exploration of students through effective programs such that Debating Workshop, Spoken English,  Multimedia/ Projector Class, Closed Circuit Camera ‍System, Monthly Evaluation (CE) Exam, Interactive Smartboard, Online Class, Basic Computer, Ethics Training, Science Fair, Hand Writing Program, Special Care, Interesting instructions, Special Foundation (SF) program, Health Checking, and envious standard of achievements.

Admission is Going on CPSC Central Public School and College

The co-curriculum is wide-ranging and based on core subjects going beyond academic book knowledge but also facilitating development of concepts, values, ideas and skills. Central Public School & College (CPSC) provides unique Sports, ‍Cultural Program and opportunities for co-curricular activities.

This institution is administered by Honorable Principal Chowdhury Md. Mohiuddin Mannan and supervised by honorable Vice-Principal Md. Omar Faruq. By every passing year, Central Public School and College is growing in terms of its academic excellence, infrastructural expansion and staff additions. Other faculty members are very active, they are drawn from around the country and they make a good mix of experienced teaching staff.

Central Public School & College” is an unrivaled educational institution of Chittagong city, which is advancing at an unstoppable pace in modern and contemporary education and creativity.

Science Fair:

Science fair is held every year at Central Public School And College. Students from Class II to XII develop their creativity by putting into practice various important science topics in their science textbooks based. In this they practice science and also increase their scope of knowledge.

Admission is Going on CPSC | Central Public School and College

To see the details of the science and technology fair of the Central Public School & College at Kazi Dewri Campus of Chittagong under the title “Road to Advanced Bangladesh” watch 5 minutes 24 seconds on Ekushey TV’s Report from the link-  

Special Foundation Course (SF):

SF or Special Foundation is a very effective training system. Courses include Handwriting, Spoken English, Basic English, Basic Math, Basic Grammar, Basic Science, English Reading, Bangla Reading etc. Basic concepts are imparted to all students through the SF course. In this, weak students are identified class-wise and tutoring is arranged after the normal school time under the supervision of a subject-specific teacher. As a result, weak students also gradually reach good positions.

Admission is Going on CPSC

Admission Information: The educational institution has started issuing the admission form for new admission 2023 from 15th November 2022. To collect the admission form first visit the educational institution physically for Tk. 200 for non-residential form, Tk. 100 for Day-care or Hostel Students.

Admission Form must be collected first for admission. Then fill the prescribed collected form and attend the interview along with the student’s parents at the scheduled time. After completing the introduction steps or Viva in the interview and providing the necessary information and documents, students can get admission directly.

Admission Fee of Central Public School and College:

Admission is going on CPSC

Non-Resident Admission Fee: Nursery to Class XI: Tk. 3,000.

Daycare Admission Fee: Class One to Class Twelve:  Tk.  4,000.

Hostel Admission Fee: One to Class Twelve:  Tk. 5,000.

School Monthly Fee:

Non-Resident Monthly School Fee: Nursery-KG:  Tk. 1,100.

Non-Resident Monthly School Fee: Class One to Class Five: Tk. 1,200.

Non-Resident Monthly School Fee: Class Six to Twelve: Tk. 1,300.

Daycare/Hostel Monthly Fee:

Daycare Monthly Fee:  Tk. 4,500.

Hostel Monthly Fee: Tk. 6,800.

Start of journey: The School and College started its journey in 2005.


Kadamtali Branch

Rahat Center (2nd Floor)

West Madarbari , D.T Road, Kadamtali, Chattogram.

Cell: 01819-108133, 01811-819565, 01852-008821

Kazir Dewri Branch

VIP Tower (Ground Floor)

Kazir Dewri , Chattogram.

Cell: 01904-433002, 01812-742951, 01852-008821

Admission is Going on CPSC Central Public School and College

Education is the inspiration of civilization. Developed countries are moving forward at breakneck speed by adopting science-based and reality-based education. However, there are not enough educational institutions in this country that follow the standard procedure. So conscious parents look for good educational institutions. Recently, the added anxiety of the parent is whether the child has class at all, or is evading it elsewhere.

In this context, through well-planned curriculum and intensive supervision, Central Public School & College is engaged in the relentless pursuit of creating global citizens imbued with moral values ​​and enlightened. 

Thanks- Khurshed Alam (KA Sir)

Senior Teacher

Central Public School and College

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