20 Best Wordpress Premium Theme Reviews

by SmartCareer
Top 20 WordPress Themes Reviews

If you’re looking for top-selling and best premium themes for WordPress to purchase, then this gathering of the most popular premium WordPress Themes will help you find what you pursue. Here I will share the 20 Best WordPress Premium Theme Reviews and best premium WordPress themes for blogs.

In this collection, you’ll find themes that are packed with demos for every type of scheme. You’ll also find that feature bespoke or third-party page producer tools that make creating unique designs for your WordPress Website surprisingly simple.

The most popular and best premium WordPress templates also include a wide range of features that will advance your WordPress website from a standard blog to a powerful publishing platform. If you want to generate a fully functioning online shop or just list a few items for sale on your website, most of the themes in this collection have good eCommerce abilities.

The WordPress template that has made it into this gathering all features high-quality designs, inspiring selections of demos and pre-build attractive designs and templates, plenty of customization settings and options, and unaffectedly useful features that will make your website serve its purpose more effectively.

These are the most popular and top-selling premium WordPress themes for a reason and Whichever one you choose; you’ll be well on the way to creating the best website.

20 Best WordPress Premium Theme Reviews.

1. Divi WordPress Theme 

Best Wordpress Premium Theme

Divi is the Best WordPress Premium Theme from the Elegant Themes Divi team that can assist you to create any type of website with WordPress. As it comes with the Extra Theme as well as a few valuable plugins for $89, it’s a great value option. It is the best WordPress theme 2021.

One of the best facilities of this popular premium WordPress theme is the integrated Divi Builder. This drag-and-drop tool makes it easy to create and design custom eye-catching layouts for the pages of your WordPress Website, including the homepage. Through the Divi Builder user interface, you can paradigm custom page layouts that are comprised of numerous rows and columns. Your layouts can then be inhabited with a range of modules.

The Divi Builder modules that can be released into your custom layouts contain basic options, such as a range of text and image layouts, buttons, colonnades a blockquote. However, the Divi Builder modules can also add more attractive features to your website, which you’d else have to install additional plugins to gain access to. This includes slideshows, testimonials, pricing tables, email opting forms, vigorous counters, and much more.

While the Divi WordPress theme and its builder tool do make creating your own attractive designs from scratch straightforward, the growing selection of pre-built page layouts cover a wide range of scenarios, including multiple homepage layouts, plus all the essential pages and good website will need. Divi also includes full WooCommerce and eCommerce support, making it a great choice for online stores. It has 100+ Divi demos.

That’s not all Divi has to offer, though. A recent update saw a split-testing too added to the template. Divi Leads permits you to carry out split testing to enhance the different elements of your website, helping to guarantee your site delivers the best fallouts possible. Divi is becoming progressively portable too, making it a great choice for web developers who want to be able to quickly export and import their settings into a new web project. This theme is absolutely brimming with features and potential, and you can get the occupied lowdown in our hands-on Divi Review.

Divi has been accessible for a few years now and has been frequently updated and better-quality since its release. As new topographies are added and perfections made, Divi keeps getting better and better. High-quality features, its great value, and the price tag- have helped make it a widespread choice, which for many, is the best WordPress theme you can buy. 

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2. Newspaper Theme Review

Newspaper WordPress Theme Review

Newspaper is one of the best and top-selling news and magazine style template for WordPress. No matter what post you’ll be printing on your website, from thoughtful articles and reports, culture or travelogues, through to recipes, and fashion, the Newspaper theme has a pre-built template to match.

In fact, with so many dissimilar demos to choose from, there’s a great chance that your news or magazine website will have a look and feel that is faultlessly suited to the type of content you are posting. Once you’ve chosen a demo from the obtainable options, you can then use the comprehensive customization settings to tweak the design to safeguard it matches your vision. This theme has all features of the Best WordPress Premium Theme.

After a recent apprise, the Newspaper theme now comes with a brand-new drag-and-drop page builder designed to assist you to customize your site and 50+ Newspaper template demos are available. The tagDiv Composer is particularly built for news, magazine, portfolio, and publishing websites, and comes with over 100 elements to confirm each article has the right look. This top-selling WordPress theme also has various pre-build pattern designs for posts and pages, all collected into the tagDiv Cloud Library. With the custom various widgets such as weather, popular posts, currency exchange, or a range of social media once, you can deliver useful information to your web visitors, while making it easy for them to discover more of your content.

If you want to monetize your website, the Newspaper theme includes an ad management effective tool and an adequate location for displaying adverts. you also get to work with full-width page designs, multiple headers, and upper bar designs, not to mention a range of post patterns to make your content more appealing. Newspaper theme documentation is very rich.

The newspaper has a wealth of functionality that will help you build a specialized news and magazine website with a WordPress CMS site.

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3. Kalium- Creative WordPress Theme for Professionals

Kalium WordPress Theme Review

Kalium theme has lots of premium demo website content that’s easy to edit and customize. Kalium is a creative theme for professionals and Bloggers. Here I will share the Kalium theme review.

It is pronounced as a creative and eye-catching theme for professionals, and this is imitated in the library of website demos that you get access to. Among the demos are options for agencies, architects, lawyers, photographers, freelancers, bloggers, and many other types of service providers. The demos include all the content an archetypal website will need and not just the homepage template, as is sometimes the case with another web template.

Importing the demo content into your WordPress dashboard is a very easy and forthright process. You can choose which gratifies to add to your site, such as the pages, settings, posts, and widgets, to name just a few. These elasticities you lots of control over how the substance of your new website will look.

Thanks to a recent version, Kalium is even more flexible and attractive than before. While in the past you could easily edit and customize the post and page content of your website, you can now use the integrated functionality of Kalium to edit the header area of your site. Due to this, it is conceivable to control what content is displayed there and how it is presented. The header editing work takes place through a contemporary drag-and-drop interface, so whether you’re knowledgeable about this type of activity or not, you should be able to give your entire website a unique look.

The new and developed version of Kalium has also been tweaked to improve load times. One probable problem with multipurpose themes like this is that they can sometimes load leisurely. To overcome this, the developers of Kalium have abridged the size of the website files and used restrictive file loading to help your site load as quickly as possible. Kalium theme documentation is very rich. This theme has all features of the best WordPress Premium theme.

If you want your qualified website to have a creative look, Kalium is a theme to add to your shortlist.

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4. Uncode- WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Uncode WordPress Theme Review

Uncode has functioned its way up the charts since its preliminary release to become of the most popular WordPress themes presented today. Uncode is an amazing and best WordPress Premium theme in the ThemeForest marketplace.

To assist it to become one of the top-selling creative multi-purpose themes for WordPress, Themeforest Uncode is filled with an ever-expanding list of features. First released in 2015, Uncode has been continually updated and referenced to remain a strong and dependable seller at the Themeforest marketplace. Now in version 1.8, Uncode stretches users a huge library of unique ideas or website demos to choose from for their own web projects. Like many of the other top-selling WordPress themes in this collection, this template makes it very easy to import your choice of demo into your website dashboard. Simply make your assortment, press a few buttons, and your site will be set up and ready to accept your valuable content.

To assist you to add your own personality to the Uncode demos, this theme includes the ever most popular WPBakery Page Builder Plugin-Previously known as Visual Composer-that gives you the capability to edit the demo content through a drag-and-drop visual easy editor. As well as the page builder, there’s also a powerful template options system that gives you even more imaginative control over the entrance of your website, whatever type of site you’re working on, from an online store to a basic blog.

Other premium tools in the Uncode package contain the powerful Slider Revolution Plugin and Layer Slider Slideshow Builder plugins that will offer you everything needed to add nice presentations to your website. Uncode also works with all the best third-party necessary plugins to confirm maximum compatibility with any tools you want to add to your website. The social media integration facilities should come in handy too, for anyone who needs to display content from their feeds on their WordPress Website.

You can easily get Uncode theme documentation and Uncode Tutorial from the official website and Youtube.

With demos covering Agency, Blog, Ecommerce, Real State, Online Store, Portfolio, and corporate projects, you really can create any type of WordPress website with the Uncode theme.

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5. The Gem Multipurpose Theme Review

The Gem WordPress Theme Review

The Gem is the latest addition to this collection of the most popular WordPress themes. If you want to select the best WordPress Premium theme The Gem will be perfect.

With over 80 imaginative ideas to choose from, this multi-purpose template can be used to create almost any type of website with WordPress CMS. Straddling Multiple Categories and design styles, each of the website demos to TheGem theme demo content has been built to a very high standard quality. In fact, it’s fair to say that separately, each of these demos could be sold separately. Though, as it is, anyone who chooses The Gem gets access to a very striking library of website demos.

Appreciatively, when editing your website, The Gem makes it very easy to import this content. After doing so, you can then choose from over 400 creative patterns for the homepage and inner content of your site. Setting your site isn’t a delinquent either and the options on offer help elucidate why TheGem is one of the best premium WordPress Themes existing today.

In spite of a strong focus on design and pre-built content, the creators of TheGem haven’t overlooked the other important aspects of producing a captivating theme. If you do choose TheGem for your project, your website will load smoothly, be optimized for the search engines, and of course, be highly mobile-friendly. As you’d expect from a top-selling theme, TheGem has been designed to work fully with the leading third-party necessary plugins, such as WooCommerce, Slider Revolution, Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, Rankmath, and more. The package also contains a good selection of useful premium plugins at no extra cost.

the Gem theme support is very attractive.

Whatever type of website you’re creating, the demos of TheGem should be bright to assist you to launch your project in style.

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6. Pofo-Portfolio and Blog WordPress Theme

Pofo WordPress Theme Review

Pofo has the best selection of website templates that have helped it become a popular WordPress theme. Polo was one of the Best premium WordPress themes for 2020.

Though listed as a creative portfolio, agency, and blog theme, Pofo has grown into something much more versatile. Thanks to a wide-ranging portfolio of website demos, Pofo is appropriate for a range of projects. Providing you need a stylish, eye-catching, and creative website, and you have some pictorial content you’d like to show, Pofo is definitely worth a closer look.

As this theme is perfect for creating portfolio websites and blogs, all of the demos include a strong set of portfolio templates. Due to this, whether you use one of the agency demos, the corporate homepage, or the freelancer demo, the studio option, you can easily display your work in a number of different ways using the portfolio templates. Just to give you even more options for your website, Pofo also comes fortified with a coming soon and an under-maintenance demo that you can smear to your site while it’s in development of being rationalized.

Another reason why you might want to deliberate the Pofo template for your website is the fact that all of the demos and their templates and layouts can be modified through the integrated WPBakery Page Builder Plugin. Thanks to this, you can expose any of them up for editing through the modern drag-and-drop interface of this tool. So, if there’s anything that’s not fairly right about any of the Pofo templates, you should have no worry about customizing them.

You can also practice the page builder to add any extra pages to your website that you might necessary, notwithstanding whether you have any technical web design skills or not.

The Pofo theme documentation is well-richer. It is one of the best selling WordPress Themes.

Pofo WP theme should have everything you need to create almost any type of website with WordPress.

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7. Exponent Modern & Premium WP Theme

Exponent WordPress Theme Review

Exponent is a widespread theme with a focus on creating business websites with WordPress.

The 26 pre-built website demos that make up the Exponent theme package definitely give you lots of selections for your new site. Among the demos are designed for creating agency sites, portfolios, app landing pages, amenities websites, and eCommerce stores. Bloggers and those who want to present a portfolio website will also find some good options in the Exponent demo library. The exponent theme has taken place in the Best Premium WordPress themes 2021.

While the most rapid way to create a website with the theme is to import one of the pre-built demos, you’re not imperfect to only use Exponent in this way. If your famine to apply a bit more time building your website, you can mix and match the page templates from the distinct demos to get your website looking just right. As Exponent comes with an influential page builder tool combined into its core, you can also edit all of the pre-built content to guarantee it’s right for your web project. In the improbable event that you can’t find an appropriate template for a piece of content for your site amongst the website demos, you can also use the page builder to create your own choice-able designs.

As the demos in the Exponent Web template package cover a wide variability of website projects, you also get access to a lot of facilities if you choose this theme. For example, as there is a discussion and events demo, irrespective of which Exponent demo you decide on, you can use the ticketing and recording features of the events demo on your site. The same applies to the eCommerce functionality of the online store demos that make it conceivable to sell online products from any site created with this WordPress theme.

Exponent theme documentation is very well-richer.

With so many attractive templates and customization options, you should be bright to create any website with this top-selling theme.

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8. Kallyas Ecommerce Theme Review

Kallyas WordPress Theme Review

Kallyas has an inspiring number of website demos to make it one of the most versatile web themes available.

With over 70 website pre-built demos to choose from, it’s easy to see why Kallyas has become such a favorite WordPress theme. Over the years, Kallyas has been updated and developed many times, seeing its library of website demos grow to a number of those opponents many of the other options in this assortment of top-selling themes. Though, with Kallyas, it’s not only about the number of demos you get access to. It’s also about the best quality of the templates and layouts that make up the Kallyas web theme package. Kallyas is the best premium WordPress theme for affiliate marketing

If you cruise the list of demo websites that come with this theme, you’ll get a good knowledge of the range of design styles and types of projects covered by the Kallyas theme. Once you click through to a demo, you can see that the pre-built websites contain much more than just feature-rich attractive homepages. All of the Kallyas demos come with a good selection of web templates, covering the most frequently found content types, including about, policy, and contact pages, plus many more.

the developers of Kallyas appear to have made streamlining the setup process for this template one of their main significance. Thanks to this, whether or not you’ve used WordPress to build a website before, you should be able to install and activate this theme easily, as well as activate the required and necessary plugins, without much effort at all. Then it’s just a case of choosing a demo, importing it into your WordPress CMS dashboard, and adding your own custom post and content.
If you want to grow more hands-on with the website creation process, you’re able to use the Bespoke Page Builder that’s integrated into the heart of Kallyas. This tool has been designed to confirm that you have full imaginative control over your new WordPress website, whether you’re a Web Designer or not.

Kallyas has become from strength to strength over the years to remain one of the most popular web themes for WordPress to this day. Kallyas theme documentation.

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9. X -WordPress Responsive Themes Review

X WordPress Theme Review

X is another top-selling WordPress theme that can be used to create any type of website with WordPress.

To establish the multi-purpose authorizations of X, this favorite premium WordPress theme offers you four main categories of pre-built attractive demos. Individually category then contains multiple variations that cover a wide range of web projects. Therefore, no matter what type of website you want to create, from business homepages and custom landing pages, online portfolios, and agency websites through to eCommerce stores and regular blogs, X has you covered.

Besides, X includes Cornerstone, one of the best WordPress page Builders obtainable. One of the highlights of the X page builder tool is its front-end and drag-and-drop user interface. This gives you a WYSIWYG view of your all pages as you design them, removing much of the presumption this process usually involves.

Thanks to Cornerstone’s best selection of modules, you can easily settle your layouts with useful elements to make your website stand out from the throng. X also includes a growing number of extensions and plugins that add even more features to your website.

This is a very inspiring theme and if you want to know more, be sure to read our in-depth X Multipurpose WordPress Theme review. Though, if you like what you’ve read so far, the short version is that X is a highly supple option, which is crammed with features that have helped make it one of the most popular premium WordPress themes available today. X template Download Now!

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10. Oshine-WordPress Theme

Oshine WordPress Theme Review

Oshine Theme aims to provide you with everything that’s needed to create any type of website with WordPress CMS.

Thanks to more than Fifty pre-build website demos, there shouldn’t be aside from that you can’t build using the Oshine theme. To aid you in quickly browsing the Oshine demos, the options have been divided into a few different categories, agency websites, including online portfolios, business sites, real state sites, and eCommerce stores, to name just a few. There are often multiple types of the same type of websites. For example, if you want to build a photography website, Oshine springs you with more than one demo to choose from.

If there isn’t a demo that’s a faultless match for your vision, Oshine can still assist you to create a suitable site for your project. Thanks to the integrated custom page builder tool, creating a custom website with Oshine isn’t a problem totally. While some themes contain a third-party page builder tool, the Oshine theme has its own in-house visual editor that confirms maximum compatibility with demos that make up this theme. While opting for a theme with a favorite third-party page builder plugin might offer some acquaintance if you’ve used that tool before, this shouldn’t be a subject with Oshine WordPress Theme, as its visual editor is very easy to use.

In accumulation to all of the pre-built website demos, there are also lots of useful separate templates that can be retrieved regardless of which demo you choose. Some samples include the library of portfolio templates and a large number of blog content layouts. Ecommerce content isn’t in short supply either, should you like to create an online eCommerce store with Oshine or just list a few products for sale on your website. In Oshine template has some valuable eCommerce facilities too, helping you to give your online store a specialized look to rival races.

As well as its other facilities Oshine theme has some useful tools to help with site recital, such as image lazy loading problem and conditional CSS, JS loading. See Oshine theme documentation.

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11. Bridge- Multipurpose  WordPress theme 

Bridge WordPress Theme Review

The bridge has continued a popular WordPress theme since its opening release in 2014. Since then, it’s received many updated versions and enhancements and is now on version 9.

In its latest embodiment, the Bridge WordPress theme contains over 145 fully attractive demos. This means that no matter what type of website you’re creating and what style of design you like most, there’s likely to be a pre-built demo that’s right for your website. It is a very easy Bridge template demo import.

Yet, if there isn’t a pre-configured demo that matches your internal plans, you can easily combinate and match the different elements of each option to build a bespoke look and touch for your WordPress website. You’ll also get the powerful Visual Composer Customizer plugin in the package, giving you a way to adjust any of the comprised designs or build your own from scratch.

The imposing number of demos might be the most eye-catching facilities of this template. Yet, Bridge has much more to offer when it comes to creating specialized websites with WordPress.

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12. Avada Theme Review

Avada WordPress Theme Review

Avada is the number one and Best WordPress Premium Theme of all time-at least at the demanding ThemeForest marketplace-making it a worthy inclusion in this collection of the most popular premium WordPress web Themes.

Avada is packed with settings, widgets, and options, making it a great choice for those who have a strong vision for their web project and need to apply it to their WordPress website. As well as the detailed theme options control panel, Attractive Elements, Avada provides you with a growing library of pre-built templates.

The Avada Theme website demos cover a great range of various and important categories, including photography, business, church, cafe, fashion, agency, gym, travel, eCommerce, and many more types of websites. All of the demos and their pages can be edited and customized through the integrated Fusion Builder Tool. This Bespoke Page Builder Tool makes it easy to build custom page layouts, and landing pages and then drop a wide range of elements into them.

Some of the essential elements that you can add to your posts, contents, and pages with Avada include alert messages, buttons, full-width sections, flip boxes, sliders, pricing tables, testimonials, and much more. Avada also provides you with five attractive header layouts to choose from, confirming you get the right look and feel for your site.

Avada theme documentation is very rich.

The definitely various Avada theme demos make this a truly versatile theme that is ready for almost any web project, right out of the box.

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13. Soledad- Multi-Concept WordPress Theme Review

Soledad WordPress Theme Review

Soledad and its 250 attractive demos might have the most to offer when it comes to pre-made templates and nice layouts.

The Soledad theme demos cover almost every collection of websites that you can imagine. No matter what type of website you’re planning, there should be a demo you can either practice as is or as the substance for your own web design.

Actually, if you want some inspiration for your web project and a better idea of what this amazing theme is capable of, there’s the best selection of real-life examples of web projects that have been created using this theme on its sales page.

When it first comes to customizing the Soledad demos and page templates, there’s an inspiring number of theme settings and options to make use of. Not only that but there are also over 200 conceivable slider and blog layout groupings to choose from. Creating changes to your website is very frank, thanks to the use of the WordPress Customizer interface. This stretches you a live preview of your changes as you make them, averting you from having to incessantly save your work, refresh tabs and switch browser tabs.

If you have a plan to build an online portfolio site with WordPress CMS, Soledad includes the six different portfolio styles that should plea to you. This awesome theme is also a good choice for building an online store, thanks to its full friendly support for the favorite WooCommerce store builder plugin.

 Soledad has a demo version for every season, helping to explain why this is one of the most favorite best WordPress themes 2022 free at the moment.

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14. Flatsome-WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Flatsome WordPress Theme Review

Flatsome is an attractive eCommerce theme that combines the best trends in online shop design to help you build an attractive and high-sales converting marketplace. The Flatsome is one of the Best WordPress themes for eCommerce Online businesses.

The Flatsome Multipurpose WordPress theme has been built by the UX Themes team, an outfit that focuses on the creation of WooCommerce Powered eCommerce business templates. This means that if you like Flatsome for your online store, you’ll be getting access to many years experience of in creating this type of WordPress Project.

As well as multiple e-commerce store demos to choose from, covering a range of online shop types, the Flatsome WordPress theme also includes a drag-and-drop page builder too. This tool makes it easy to build custom designs, landing pages, and layouts for your website, including your shopfront and the specific project pages that make up your online store. It has all features of the Best WordPress Premium Ecommerce Theme.

To confirm your mobile visitors can make purchases just as easily as your sedentary shoppers, the Flatsome template, and therefore, your website is 100% responsive. Smartphone, iPhone, and tablets users can swipe and touch their way around your shop, add products to their shopping cart, and checkout with comfort, all while on the go using their own ICT devices.

Flatsome is a very popular eCommerce WordPress template that includes all the features you’ll find in the best online stores.

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15. Astra – Best WordPress Premium Theme

Astra WordPress Theme Review

Astra is another best WordPress Premium theme that can be used for portfolios, businesses, Agencies, Real-States, blogs, eCommerce, online shops, and more.

The free version has already been used on more than 10,00,000 websites, and it has friendly support for page builder WordPress plugins-letting you customize your total website via the theme customizer.

Giving you the capability to import dozens of high-quality website templates, the Astra template lets you transform your website at the click of a button.

You can spread the functionality by upgrading to the Astra Pro version of the template, but a number of free essential extensions are also available in the theme.

Astra gives you Standard Fonts, Color Options, Multiple Layouts, Stylish Headers, Typography Choices, and more. You can use their pre-build sites and import them to get a head start on creating your website.

Plus, Astra is designed for SEO optimization. This helps your site to rank well in Google Search Engine and other search engines. It has all features of the Best WordPress Premium Theme.

WordPress Beginner users can use our Astra Coupon to get an exclusive 10% off the Astra Pro Addon. It’s an essential premium plugin that spreads the Astra template with extra customization options and the best features.

More Info/ Download/ Demo

16. Javelin-Best Creative Theme

Jevelin WordPress Theme Review

Jevelin is one of the top-rated premium WordPress themes you can get at the moment. It accomplishes at a top-notch level as a multipurpose tool with deep-running customization abilities and an instinctive visual page-creating process that webmasters can easily master.

Jevelin is a perfect theme for personal, portfolio, agency, professional, business, or corporate websites. Jevelin is one of the Best WordPress premium themes 2021.

Jevelin has the stuff you need to bring your web project Firmly into the 21st century and next.

Bloggers find in Jevelin a curiously contented space where they can smoothly spread their views and ideas through various types of content. Words, Images, Audio, Biography, Photography, Videos, or any other content idea you have work for the Javelin theme. Packing six attractive blog layouts, multiple custom post styles, and urbane features like back-to-top interfaces and content carousels, dynamic categories, and Slider Revolution plugin-powered sliders, No Theme can get your point across like the Jevelin WP template can.

Give Jevelin a go today, and feel the difference!

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17. Webify-All-in-One Responsive Theme

Webify WordPress Theme Review

It is beautiful obvious that Webify is becoming one of the most popular themes out there. With the very many Elements and Functions, anyone can smoothly take it to their advantage.

Speaking of which, Webify is a multi-functional site skin with a gigantic great collection of twenty neat, modern, responsive and sophisticated demos. Besides, Webify also contains all the other content for a quick understanding of your ideal online business presence.

To sum up, with Webify, you can create pages for businesses, agencies, bloggers, portfolios, freelancers, and online store owners. Fine, let’s just make it short and say that Webify is for everyone.

Some more features of Webify are the parallax effect, Creative Functionality, 100 responsiveness, over two hundred shortcodes, compatibility with WPMI for translation, and a mega menu. It has all features of the Best WordPress Premium Theme.

Documentation and friendly support are also on point for you to never feel isolated on your journey to a triumphant launch of your online space.

More Info/ Download/ Demo

18. Total Multipurpose Responsive Theme

Total WordPress Theme Review

The total has been improved to perform at a high level across a multitude of fields and industries. It needs unquestionably no coding knowledge in order to furnish webmasters with talented quality websites filled with imaginative features built right into the WordPress theme. Total is one of the Best WordPress themes for business in 2021.

This template organizes the WPBakery page builder, which runs both front-end and backend web page designs and layout customization solutions you can make use of quickly and smoothly.

Total is a truly responsive framework for building articulate websites packed with modern features such as amazing pre-made premium sliders, as well as remarkable mega menus with plenteous options for customization.

Total also contains multiple page demo templates and live demo websites you can arrange within a few clicks, totally prepared with inner content pages, sidebars, widgets, and menus ready to go from day one. Check out Total at the moment!

More Info/ Download/ Demo

19. Argenta-Attractive Theme

Argenta WordPress Theme Review

Argenta is a most popular and multi-functional WordPress theme with a wide selection of topics. It comes with pre-built demos that can familiarize you with contexts, unlike others. Its main purpose is luxury and Simplicity for the client. Argent has lots of pre-made layouts to assist make quicker selections. It offers a masonry grid layout with lots of pre-create header choices. To get clients shopping you have an Ajax cart and Payment System, WooCommerce integration. Get online shops with a quick product preview and image slider.

Argenta has several menus, categories, and blog pages, you will also find a special showcase web page. It has social media ‘Share’ buttons that can be found on headers and footers. Argenta theme uses Slider Revolution Plugin and it is retina-ready.

This template will make your mobile experience the best possible. Posts have five formats including gallery, image, portfolio, video, and audio. Argenta has lots of icons, and fonts and it is animations well-suited. It is WPML well-matched and also uses RTL’s amazing feature.

Misgivings can be handled with its 5 stars rated custom-friendly support obtainable with submission.

You can also get continuous updates Automatically. Argenta theme is meant to make customers feel guided and taken care of throughout their visit. Get Start with Argenta today!

More Info/ Download/ Demo

20. Appilo- App Landing Page Theme Review

Appilo WordPress Theme Review

Appilo is a highly resourceful and Eye-catching premium WordPress theme for blogs that comes ideal for creating a striking and impactful custom landing page. Whether this is for a claim or for a business, Appilo covers them bot and then some.

With eleven and counting pre-made demos, you can quickly find the right look for your purpose. Still, there is not necessary to go with the default settings to a tee.

Appilo template comes coupled with the Elementor Pro and Drag and Drop page builder, so you know creating adjustments will be a little breeze. It is the Best WordPress Premium Theme.

Appilo is also completely in tune with all modern mobile devices and web browsers, ensuring excellent performance at all times.

Every user also profits from the professional and friendly support team and a lifetime’s worth of updates, which keep your website running quickly and smoothly for years to come.

Twitch on the internet like a champ with an Appilo WP theme and enjoy the extraordinary outcome.

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Are premium WordPress themes worth it?

When it comes to WordPress, there are countless themes to choose from – both free and premium. With so many options available, it can be tough to decide whether or not to invest in a premium WordPress theme.

So, is it worth it to invest in a premium WordPress theme? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages:

Pros of Premium WordPress Themes

1. More features and customization options
2. Better support
3. More reliable code
4. Unique designs
5. Access to exclusive plugins

Cons of Premium WordPress Themes

1. They can be expensive
2. You might not use all the features
3. You might not be able to find the perfect theme
When it comes down to it, there are both pros and cons to investing in a premium WordPress theme. Ultimately, the decision comes down to your needs and necessary budget. If you need a theme with lots of features and customization options, then a premium theme might be worth the investment. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you might be better off sticking with a free theme.

Which is the most popular WordPress theme?

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, and it powers millions of websites. There are thousands of WordPress themes available, so it can be tough to choose the right one for your site.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the most popular WordPress themes of 2021. We’ll also provide some tips on choosing the right theme for your website.

The most popular WordPress themes of 2021 are:

1. Astra
Astra is a popular WordPress theme that is designed to be lightweight and fast. It is a highly customizable theme that comes with several pre-built layouts. Astra is also compatible with the popular page builder plugins.

2. Divi
Divi is a popular and Top-selling WordPress theme from Elegant Themes. It is a drag-and-drop theme that is very easy to use. Divi comes with dozens of pre-made layouts and it is fully responsive.

3. Genesis
Genesis is a popular WordPress theme from StudioPress. It is a lightweight theme that is designed to be fast and easy to use. Genesis comes with several pre-made layouts and it is fully responsive.

4. Hello
Hello is a popular WordPress theme from ThemeForest. It is a modern and clean theme that is perfect for businesses and personal websites. Hello comes with a powerful drag and drop page builder and it is fully responsive.

5. Shapely
Shapely is a popular WordPress theme from Colorlib. It is a clean and minimal theme that is perfect for businesses and personal websites. Shapely is fully responsive and comes with several pre-made layouts.These are the five most popular WordPress themes of 2020. If you’re looking for a theme for your WordPress website, these are all great options.

When choosing a WordPress premium theme, there are a few things to keep in your mind. First, you need to choose a theme that is compatible with the plugins you want to use. Second, you need to make sure the theme is responsive so it looks great on all devices. Finally, you need to choose a theme that is easy to use and customize.
If you’re looking for a great WordPress theme, be sure to check out Astra, Divi, Genesis, Hello, and Shapely.

What is a premium WordPress theme?

A WordPress theme is a collection of cms files that work together to produce a graphical and awesome interface with an underlying unifying unique design for a weblog. WordPress themes are written using a combination of HTML, CSS, and PHP. Themes can be divided into two types and categories: free and premium.

Free WordPress themes are available for download from the WordPress.org Theme Directory. These themes are developed by WordPress users and are available for anyone to download and use. Premium WordPress themes are developed by professional WordPress designers and are available for purchase from online marketplaces and theme shops.

When choosing a WordPress theme, it is important to consider the overall design, layout, and functionality of the theme. The theme should be compatible with the WordPress version you are running, and it should also be responsive, meaning that it will scale to fit different screen sizes.

It is also important to consider the specific needs of your website when choosing a WordPress theme. If you are running a business website, for example, you will need a theme that includes features such as a shopping cart and eCommerce integration. If you are running a personal blog, on the other hand, you might want a theme that includes social media integration and a featured posts section.

Once you have selected a WordPress theme, you can install it on your website by uploading the theme files to your WordPress directory. Once the theme is installed, you can activate it through the WordPress admin panel.

Premium WordPress themes typically include more features and options than free themes, and they are often more flexible and customizable. Premium themes also come with support from the theme developer, which can be helpful if you run into any problems while using the theme.

If you are looking for a professional, well-designed WordPress theme, then a premium theme is a good option. However, if you are on a budget or you are just starting out with WordPress, then a free theme might be a better option for you.

Can I get WordPress themes for free?

There are a lot of WordPress themes out there that you can get for free. However, you need to be careful when you are looking for free WordPress themes. There are a lot of sites that will claim to have free WordPress themes, but when you download them, you find out that they are actually just pirated copies of premium themes.

When you are looking for free WordPress themes, you should only download them from reputable sources. The WordPress.org theme directory is a great place to start. All of the themes in the directory are 100% free and are also 100% GPL compliant.

Another great place to find free WordPress themes is on the websites of popular theme developers. Many theme developers offer free versions of their themes on their websites. These free versions usually have all of the same features as the premium versions, but they may be missing some of the more advanced features.

If you want to get really creative, you can also create your own WordPress theme. There are a lot of great resources out there that can help you learn how to create a WordPress theme. Once you have created your theme, you can then upload it to the WordPress.org theme directory for others to use.

So, can you get WordPress themes for free? Yes, you can! Just be sure to only download them from reputable sources and to create your own theme if you want to get really creative.

Are WordPress themes good for SEO?

This is a question that is often asked by those who are new to WordPress or are considering using WordPress for their website. The answer is yes and no. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using WordPress themes for SEO.


1. WordPress themes are designed to be search engine friendly.

2. WordPress themes are often coded in clean and valid HTML and CSS, which is important for search engine optimization.

3. WordPress themes are usually well-structured and use proper heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.), which is important for on-page SEO.

4. WordPress themes usually come with built-in options for social media integration, which is important for off-page SEO.

5. WordPress themes are often responsive, which is important for mobile SEO.


1. WordPress themes can be bloated with unnecessary code, which can slow down your website and hurt your SEO.

2. WordPress themes can be poorly coded, which can cause compatibility issues and hurt your SEO.

3. WordPress themes can be hard to customize, which can make it difficult to optimize your website for SEO.

4. WordPress themes can be outdated, which can hurt your website’s compatibility with modern search engine algorithms.

5. WordPress themes can be expensive, which can put a strain on your budget if you’re not careful.

Overall, WordPress themes can be good for SEO if they are well-coded, well-structured, and easy to customize. However, WordPress themes can also be bad for SEO if they are poorly coded, hard to customize, or outdated. Choose your WordPress theme carefully to make sure it’s not going to hurt your SEO.

There are many WordPress Premium themes free online. In addition to the above themes, We can best premium WordPress themes free download from various websites with more beautiful designs. For that, we have to search on Google. Thanks a lot for reading our post.

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